Elahe Saleh

PhD Student of Biostatistics



Elahe is a Ph.D.student at Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics in Tehran University of Medical Sciences.
She has been doing some research activities in using machine learning on fmri data.Recently, she has registered her thesis about a noval stastistcal method in the mentioned field.Dr.Najibi is her supervisor. Implementation of this method on fmri data is her final purpose .One of its practical results is using this method to separate patients with different disease or deppression’s diesese in each stage. It should be noted the valuable results of this method can be used for different diseases.

Email :e.saleh3@ymail.com


Toktam Valizadeh

PhD Student of Statistics



Toktam is a P.h.D student in statistics at Amirkabir university of technology. Her P.h.D’s thesis is about “modelling time varying covariance matrix by Cholesky GARCH”. Toktam improve Cholesky GARCH model and apply it for modelling Dynamic Functional Connectivity (DFC) at fMRI data.
Also, she is interested to brain connectivity and functional data analysis (FDA) and she can analysis neuroimages fMRI with R software.
Her interested fields in statistics are time series, statistical learning, shrinkage and sparse methods and semiparametric regression.
She hope to can extend her method more of previous for Dynamic Functional Connectivity.

Email :T.valizadeh89@yahoo.com


Minoo Sisakhti

MSc Student of Cognitive Science



She is an MSc student of Cognitive Science (Cognitive Psychology) at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences Studies (ICSS). She is also the executive manager of the ‘Iranian Brain Imaging Database’ (IBID) Project. Her interest is basics of memory, especially long term memory.
She’s got a BSc of Biomedical engineering from Isfahan University, and her BSc thesis was on detecting the innervation zone of muscle, from surface EMG signal using fuzzy system .

Email :Mno.cs1369@gmail.com


Hamed Dehghan

MSc Student of Medical Physics



After completing an undergraduate degree in medical imaging sciences at the Mashhad and Isfahan University of medical sciences, Hamed did his graduate work in Tehran University’s Department of Medical physics and Bio-medical engineering. He joined Neuroimaging and Analysis Group (NIAG) which focused on new methodologies of functional and structural neuroimaging and data processing. During his graduate work and after that, Hamed conducted some of the leading studies of structural and functional imaging of spinal cord, validating the technique and relating image processing procedure. More recently, He has begun using spinal cord fMRI to assess pain inhibitory control mechanism by brain and spinal cord activity patterns. He is interested in novel functional neuroimaging techniques and clinical applications of these techniques.

Email :dehqan.hamed@yahoo.com


Atiye Nazari

MSc of Biostatistics



Atiye is interested in Computational Neuroscience. She holds an MSc in Bio-Statistics from SBMU. Her master’s thesis was about “Applying shrinkage approach for prediction of functional connectivity in rs-fMRI studies”. She implemented this method to improve the prediction performance of FC in individual and group analysis and found the positive effect on estimates. Atiye published her research results in the Basic and clinical neuroscience journal. Now she is working on functional data analysis (FDA) to achieve the better understanding of brain connectivity. She hopes that can apply this approach to extend her previous studies.

Email :atiyenazari@yahoo.com


Mohammad Reza Govahi

MSc Student of Software Engineering



Mohammad Reza is an MSc student in Software Engineering at SBU. He is obsessed with both computational and translational Neuroscience. He is a research assistant at Neuroscience Research Center of SBMU and a memeber of NIAG wroking on the NeuroImaging Database project. He has the experience of using Neuroscience recoding techniques like Patch-clamp, LFP and fMRI. His area of expertise is “cell-type specific classification” of neurons specifically in Visual Cortex and Alzheimer’s disease, combining Machine learning and basic Neuroscience.

Email :smr.govahi@gmail.com


Ali Aarefi

BSc Student of Computer Science



Ali is a senior B.Sc. student in Computer Science(CS) at SBU. Alongside with his CS-related interests like Data mining, he is also interested in Computational Neuroscience. He is contributing in a project for Neuroimaging customized database management.

Email :aliaarefi1997@gmail.com


Amirmahdi Javadi

BSc of Biomedical Engineering



Amirmahdi Javadi Graduate from the University of Science and Research
Interested in MRI imaging and functional brain images
Understanding the analysis of brain images and fluent in software and hardware work and familiarity with the website Disaining
And getting acquainted with Task fmri Disaining.

Email :amirmahdijavadi@gmail.com


HamdiReza Hakim

PhD student of AI



Hamid Reza is a PhD student at the CEIT department of Amirkabir University. He is interested in analysis of functional brain data, statistical signal processing, pattern recognition and classification algorithms. His primarily activity in brain data processing began in 2012, which was intended to analyze EEG data and implement a Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI) system. Currently, he is investigating the Dynamic Functional Connectivity (DFC) analysis based on fMRI data. Other than academic career; he has always followed some extracurricular activities such as playing volleyball and swimming.

Email :hakim@aut.ac.ir


Soodeh Moallemian

MSc of Mathematical Statistic



Soodeh worked on some tests of anisotropy for detection of more probable malignant parts in mammogram Images for a year as my Master Thesis main subject. Currently she is working as a researcher on understanding the K-space and extracting information from fMRI data using the
complex-valued Fourier transformed raw data to obtain a more accurate detection of statistical
brain activation. She strongly believes that considering the phase information of the fMRI data with novel methodologies, helps the precision of the statistical inferences. Moreover, she enjoys working with real medical data, especially medical images, and analyzing them.

Email :smoallemian@gmail.com


Zeinab Oghabian

MSc of Electronic



Zeinab is an electrical engineer who has been working on image and signal processing. She has studied and analyzed different types of MRI data such as fMRI, Perfusion, MRS etc. using different software like FSL, PMA, Freesurfer and more; and seeks to find various methods for more accurate results. Having strong mathematics and programing background, she can also design circuits using different chip-sets (e.g. AVR). Currently she is working as a researcher at NIAG research group.


Ahmadreza Keihani

PhD Student of Biomedical Engineering



Currently I’m PhD student at Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS). I work at NIAG and RCBTR research labs as researcher. My research interest fields are EEG based BrainComputer Interface (BCI) and MRI image different modalities analysis like fMRI,DTI,VBM.

Email :Ahmadreza_kayhani@yahoo.com


Forooq Razavi

BSc of Biomedical Engineering



As a student in biomedical engineering, Foroogh worked on processing EEG signals to detect movement intention through feature extraction and classification, in hopes of shedding some light on the best classifiers for EEG data mining. She has always been interested in the studies of the brain and looking for opportunities to explore the world of modern neuroscience as it combines different fields of study to further explore the most fascinating organ of the human body. Currently she is working as a research assistant on the IBID project. Her work involves studying the effects of aging on the brain and how MRI scans can help predict the brain age as opposed to chronological age.


Sepideh Bakht

PhD Student of Cognitive Science



Sepideh is currently a PhD student in Cognitive Psychology. The study of human mind has always been a very interesting subject for her and she has found the brain a fascinating phenomenon. Since she received her MA degree in psychology (about 10 years ago), she has worked in the field of Addictive behaviors (drug abuse and obesity).
Her powerful tendency towards more scientific and concrete measurements and methodologies (like new ways of brain imaging) which in her opinion is lacking in other fields of psychology, has led her to choose cognitive psychology for her post-graduate education.
Now as a PhD student with Dr. Ekhtiari, she is working on the effectiveness of different treatments of addiction using brain imaging.


Atena Bajoulvand

MSc of Biomedical Engineering



Atena (NIAG member) obtained her a MS. degree in Department of Biomedical Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST). Two years ago she succeeded in project defence titled by ‘’categorization of emotional states via functional connectivity methods on EEG signals’’. About a year ago She showed a keen interest in Brain mapping such as EEG, MRS, fMRI and DTI so she is currently work at NIAG.

Email :atenmed.eng@gmail.com


Nazanin Safavian

MSc of Biomedical Engineering



Nazanin is interested in extracting valuable information from medical images especially MRI to learn about different aspects of human brain such as functional, physiological and anatomical characteristics and apply this information to support medical research and improving diagnosis as well as monitoring of disease. As a researcher in NIAG Some of her tasks are as follows:
• Developing feature image for clinical applications.
• Performing structural and fMRI analysis for patients.
• Currently Working on combining DTI tractography and fMRI of language connectome in healthy subjects.

Email :nalives@gmail.com


Mohsen Kohanpour

PhD Student of Medical Imaging physicist



Mohsen is a MRI physicist. His profound interest in learning scientific dominant drove him to have further inclination towards biology and physics during university period. He worked at Neuroimaging, Methodology in new protocols MRI, Human Brain mapping, Image and Signal Processing. He has been working on two fMRI projects (Olfactory Anosmic and Pain fMRI )Imagine in NIAG groupe

He has worked 10 years in Medical imaging (MRI, CT center PET/CT and Cyclotron Center) as physicist and expert.  He also works as a launcher of Imaging Centers and optimal Imaging Protocols in the  NIAG Group.

Email :mohsenkohanpour@gmail.com