Mohammad Ali Oghabian

PhD of Medical Physics

Head of NIAG


Mohammad Ali Oghabian graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Radiology from Iran University of Medical Sciences in 1363 and one year later went to England to study. At first, I graduated from the University of Surrey from the University of Surrey, and then graduated from the University of London (UCL) with a degree in image processing.
Mohammad Ali, specializing in medical imaging systems, functional imaging methods fMRI, processing, transfer and archiving of medical images, molecular imaging for the purpose of early diagnosis of cancer and monitoring of treatment


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Seyed Amir Hossein Batouli

PhD of Neuroimaging

Research Director


Amir Hossein is an Assistant Professor at the department of Neuroscience and Addiction Studies, Tehran University of Medical Sciences. He completed his PhD of Neuroimaging at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, in 2014, and he is an old member of NIAG (since 2007).
His main research interests are on building Neuroimaging databases, and he is the principal investigator of the Iranian Brain Imaging Database (IBID) project. His other interests are Imaging-Genetics, Ageing studies, and Memory.

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Arash Zare Sadeghi

PhD of Biomedical Engineering

IT Director


Arash Zare Sadeghi …….

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Morteza Najibi

PhD of Statistical Bioinformatics

Statistical Analaysis


Morteza is assistant professor of Statistics at Shiraz University. he got his Ph.D. in Statistical Bioinformatics from Shahid Beheshti University on Aug. 2015. He was visiting scholar at Marquette University, WI, US in 2014. He is head of Neurostatistics Research group at Neuroimaging and Analysis Group ( and CEO of Scientific Data Analysis Team ( For more informortation please visit his homepage (

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Haady Ahmadzadeh

DVM,PhD Student

Executive Director


haady is interested in evolutionary basis and cognitive aspects of the brain. The brain can effortlessly extract and produce perceptual information (such as lying in critical situations, involving in affective behaviors, or who we are interacting with) from complex social networks. As a PhD candidate with Dr. Oghabian, he is interested in studying how the brain solves these quaeres using neuroimaging. He completed his DVM with Dr. Ebrahimi where he studied Histoanatomical study of cerebrum and brain ventricles in quinea-pig.

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