Tina Ebrahimi

PhD Student of Medical Physics



Tayebeh workes on detection of seizure focuses in epilepsy disease by use of Susceptibility weighted Imaging as her PhD Thesis subject. Currently she is working as a researcher on extracting information from quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM) using phase image raw data to obtain a more accurate detection of oxygen metabolic in brain activities compared to invasive modalities. In her opinion, with considering information about rate of oxygen consumption with noninvasive methode, we can detect the hyperactive location in brain of patients who have epilepsy and therefor can help to find the seizure focouses. In addition, she is working on medical data that obtain from 3T GE scaner.

Email :t_ebrahimi@razi.tums.ac.ir


Samira Raminfard

PhD Student of Neuroscience



Samira is interested in clinical part of neuroimaging. She works on magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) data aquisition and analysis. At the moment, she works on CSI data and metabolic maping of glioma as her PhD thesis.
Furthermore, she is a member of analysing team for pre surgical planning of brain tumors. She got Msc on anatomical science and due to the experience on brain anatomy, she prefer to use her ability in diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and analysis of brain tracts for medical use.

Email :Rf_samira@yahoo.com




Haady Ahmadzadeh

PhD Student of Neuroscience



haady is interested in evolutionary basis and cognitive aspects of the brain. The brain can effortlessly extract and produce perceptual information (such as lying in critical situations, involving in affective behaviors, or who we are interacting with) from complex social networks. As a PhD candidate with Dr. Oghabian, he is interested in studying how the brain solves these quaeres using neuroimaging. He completed his DVM with Dr. Ebrahimi where he studied Histoanatomical study of cerebrum and brain ventricles in quinea-pig.

Email : Haady.ahmadzade@gmail.com