Mohammad Ali Oghabian

PhD of Medical Physics



Mohammad Ali Oghabian graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Radiology from Iran University of Medical Sciences in 1363 and one year later went to England tostudy. At first, I graduated from the University of Surrey from the University of Surrey, and then graduated from the University of London (UCL) with a degree in image processing.
Mohammad Ali, specializing in medical imaging systems, functional imaging methods fMRI, processing, transfer and archiving of medical images, molecular imaging for the purpose of early diagnosis of cancer and monitoring of treatment


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Hamed Ekhtiari




Dr. Hamed Eftyari is a graduate of medicine and then brain imaging from Tehran University of Medical Sciences and is a member of the faculty of the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and the head of the Neurological Laboratory of the National Center for Addiction Studies.
His field of research is cognitive neuroscience and decision-making bases, eating, obesity, drug use, and addiction.


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